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About Us

We are Kyriakos & Irene Vathis. A couple who shares the same unadulterated passion for all things authentic and unique that Greece has to offer.


After three decades of travelling literally all over the world as an Officer of the Greek Merchant Marine, Kyriakos – born and raised in Spetses – along with his experienced crew, has all the necessary expertise and local knowledge needed for a secure cruise in Spetses and the Peloponnese coastline.


Irene was born in Athens and has spent every single summer of her life on the island of Spetses. She has studied International Affairs in Switzerland and France and has worked for fifteen years in the Greek TV industry in both public and international relations’ departments.

We both share the same admiration for greek traditional maritime craftmanship and in 2015 we decided to build our own professional wooden kaiki (trehandiri). That was at a time when after a despicable E.U. directive, over 12.000 traditional Greek fishing boats were being absurdly and brutally broken into pieces! We just could not tolerate the idea of the disappearance of such incredible vessels, that had been sailing the Aegean for centuries.


Our aim is to contribute to the preservation and revival of greek maritime tradition and craftmanship. On board “Ayia Thalassini” you can avail yourself of the opportunity of exploring Greece by boat. What we want most is for our passengers to share in our cultural heritage, enjoy the infinite beauty of our country and return home saturated with unforgettable memories!

Combining our deep love for traditional architecture and antique collecting, we have also built a stone-made villa consisting of five residences in the heart of Spetses town, where guests can enjoy true greek hospitality and a high standard of accommodation, in a splendid Mediterranean garden (link).