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Greek Summer, Blessed with the finest…

Fresh summer breeze caressing your soul. Wet feet on hot golden sand. The sound of seagulls as you sail along the islets. The taste of fresh baked bread dipped in olive oil. A fisherman mending his nets. Diving in cool emerald waters under a bright blue sky. The freedom of dancing barefoot on a warm summer night.

Endless hours of relaxation on exotic beaches and secluded coves. The warmth of the sun on your skin, as you take a dip into the crystal clear waters. Scattered white chapels in a field of wild herbs. Local old ladies gossiping while embroidering outside a blue doorway.

Discovering seashells and smooth colourful pebbles in magical caves. Cold watermelon running from your mouth on a hot day. Watching the sunset behind the mountains with your loved one.

The mesmerising smell of sea breeze and salt. Children playing hide and seek on whitewashed cobblestone streets. The flavour of fresh grilled fish paired with local wine.

Village feasts accompanied by the sounds of lyra and violin, dancing until dawn. The smell of mountain herbs on feta cheese. A welcoming smile by a local, as he offers you a glass of ouzo. A unique blend of sunlight, sea and sky. Sailing and breathing in the sea of eternal myths and rich history…

That is the essence of GREEK SUMMER!!!