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Spetses is an island of long naval tradition and extraordinary natural beauty, situated in the Argosaronic Gulf. The island with its aristocratic ambiance and its beautifully preserved neoclassical Mansions, offers the visitor an unforgettable experience. Splendid paths are ideal for hiking all over the island and offer wonderful sea views. Pine-tree forests cover a big part of Spetses and some beautiful beaches are even shaded up to the edge of the water. Hidden little coves with serene waters, lovely houses with mosaic-pebbled yards, traditional boat-yards and horse-drawn carriages, give Spetses its unique and authentic charm and have converted the island into an enchanting resort. Spetses town is a car-banned town and can be reached either by sea or by land from Athens, in approximately 2,5 hours. Also it is only 5 minutes away, by sea taxi from the Peloponnese (mainland).